Welcome to the Red Fox Life!

Now we can be closer to each other. Now there is nothing superfluous between us, and this makes me very happy. It’s no secret that I am an erotic model. I love my job and what comes out of it (mostly LOL), but for the time that I spent in front of a camera, I developed my own vision on sexuality and how it should be shown. I created this website in order to appear in front of you a completely different, in my truest form. Here you’ll watch me, my actions, ideas, and dreams. I want to make the basis of this site sincerity, which has been missing from my work until now. I want to share with you my thoughts and dreams in my diary. I want to create exclusive videos and photo materials with the photographers and videographers, who, as it seems to me, are able to show the real feelings and desires of a girl who wants to undress in front of the camera. And girls really want it, believe me. I want to appear before you as I am, without masks and imposed images. I live in a country, where there are lot of very, very beautiful girls. I see them every day, I talk to them over a cup of coffee, they tell me about themselves, they are often interested in my work and they want to try to undress in front of a camera too. Why not? Thats how the idea to create the GUEST GIRLS  section appeared. If you want, I’ll show you the girls, who want to undress. They will be not only professional models, but also ordinary girls, my friends and acquaintances who are interested in trying something exciting and unusual, just because it is their desire. And desires should be realized. 

Guys, stop thinking, start dreaming!